Jack Hopkins Biography

Claylands Green, in the centre of Oval ward

From South London committed to improving lives of others. Mostly in the London Borough of Lambeth, especially Oval, Kennington and Vauxhall area.

In May 2014 I was reelected to Oval ward and became the cabinet member for Jobs and Growth. Supporting existing and attracting new businesses, employability, entrepreneurship as well as development, planning and regeneration. Very exciting and challenging role, especially to make sure the proceeds of growth are equitably shared and work for the people of Lambeth. Shaping the market to be fairer and bridging the equality gap.

In 2013 I was awarded Councillor of the Year for my leadership of the Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme, a transformative and innovative project which put residents in charge of developing their own streets with support from Lambeth Council.

In 2012 I was elected by my peers to be the Cabinet Member for Public Protection in Lambeth, covering Police, crime, reducing reoffending, pubs and clubs, domestic violence, gangs and other stuff besides.

My background is in Local Government where I worked in partnerships for a number of years, winning Best Local Strategic Partnership with Lambeth First in 2009 and Place of the Year as part of Team Hackney in 2010.

I enjoy working creatively with wider and diverse networks of people who can help each other achieve, not just in public policy but also politics, work and personal life. I do training, coaching and mentoring, but for me is mostly about putting the right people in the room together and letting the solutions find themselves.

This blog is about being a Councillor, my role as Cabinet member for Jobs and Growth, public sector transformation, politics and anything else which is on my mind….


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