Future of Policing in Lambeth

Dear Colleague,
I would like to ask that you join me on the 9 January at the Electric Social in Brixton to discuss policing issues with Stephan Greenhalgh from Boris Johnson’s office.

The event is an opportunity for us to put forward our concerns about policing and cuts. The future has been uncertain for some time leading up to and since the Olympics, but it is clear that we are facing a huge challenge to keep each and every corner of Lambeth safe.

On a regular basis I have met with our Borough Commander to discuss the future structure and corresponded with Stephen Greenhalgh, the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime.

We have very clear priorities about keeping Lambeth safe: targeting crime hotspots and working together to maintain good local partnerships between communities and the Police who serve them.

What can we do?
On the 9 January at 6pm Stephen Greenhalgh will be coming to the Electric Social, Acre Lane, Brixton as part of the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) roadshow to consult Lambeth residents on our Policing priorities.

Please register by clicking the following link http://www.london.gov.uk/events/policing- and-crime-consultation-events or contacted MOPAC at policeandcrimeplan@mopac.london.gov.uk or on the phone at 020 7202 0202.

Why is this so important?
It is vital we make our voices heard with a consistent and realistic message from right across the borough. My main messages that I would like to raise which I hope you will help me with are:

Local Policing Works
Local policing is working. Having a dedicated local Safer Neighbourhood Team means that communities and residents get to know and trust their local officers.
I want assurances that this will continue. Safer Neighbourhood Teams are vital for keeping Lambeth safe and should be ringfenced

Local Police need a Local Base
For Safer Neighbourhood Teams to operate they need a local base – the threatened closure of Gipsy, Clapham and Streatham Police stations means that officers will be clocking on in Brixton and then getting the bus which is a waste of Police time. Not enough has been done to find suitable alternatives.
I want an assurance that no Police Station will be considered for sale until another local base has been confirmed

The Public need Access to Police
The closure of 24/7 front counters makes it unclear where the public can go at any one time to report a crime in a safe place. Police front counters should be open at busy times and local police teams should be out at public landmarks like libraries or in busy high streets so the public can see and speak to them.

I want an assurance that MOPAC will have a proper consultation about when and where local residents and businesses need their Police

The key message is that we need to have local partnerships with local police teams, working to local issues.

Please join me at the meeting and let’s try to get some clear answers about the future of policing in Lambeth.

Best Wishes

Cllr Jack Hopkins
Cabinet Member for Safer and Stronger Neighbourhoods
020 7091 9010


Author: jackhopkins

Labour Councillor for Oval ward in London Borough of Lambeth, and Cabinet Member for Jobs and Growth covering economic development, regeneration, planning and entrepreneurship. (formerly Community Safety) Interested in partnerships, training and development, social mobility and Arsenal.

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